Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking bad

Breaking news! USA might invade a middle-east country for its probable possesion of nuclear bombs or its potential to build them.

Where have I heard that before?

WTI Oil jumped to a ATH after the many news about U.S. ready to attack Iran, one of "the axispowers of evil". This is an event that has been in the air for a long time and probably one of the causes to the high race in oil this year. The interesting thing is though, will the attack be justified if no weapons of massdestruction are found, just like in 2003, Iraq? It probably will be, because as history has taught us; It's the winners that write the history.

I believe there is a very small risk that Iran has those weapons, but would a president take that 5 % risk of being attacked without acting? It's a dilemma that no man wants to face, but what one should keep in mind is that Iran is not Iraq. Iran defended themselfes for 8 years against U.S. supported Iraq without loosing. Iran has approximately 4 times as big population as Iraq and most importantly, Iran has a united people.

Been on holiday for a week and haven't had the opportunity to log on internet, but world indicies has faced large downturns this month which was expected. It wasn't a question of if it would happen, rather when. Oil is still a big focus of the market but the coming Q2 reports are starting to catch my eye, although an U.S.-Iran war would take the lead of primary focus.

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