Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No time, got to work

Not much time for writing today, but I'll give up a few minutes for this. OMXS30 catastrophy today. Opened at 14:30 because of further technical problems with Saxess, but luckely it didn't cause any major problems such as panic and major selloff. I am at this point looking at a good time to invest with my last money. I am seeing a major downturn in the coming months and I hope to make a lot of money by buying longterm put turbowarrants. Firstly, I'll put 40 % of the capital in
TOXS8W1040SHB with knockout at 1025, secondly I'll put the rest with a bit safer position, TSOXS8W1070CAR with a knockout at 1055. It doesn't really matter when I put my calls since it's supposed to be longterm, but I'm still a bit worried since it's turbowarrants. My vision about OMXS30 is 730 in at least 3-6 months. No time right now to justify my vision, but I promise I'll give you the analysis.

See ya

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