Sunday, June 15, 2008

Round Two

It's not something that couldn't been figured out. It's not something that just exploded in a day or two. It's not round one anymore in this economic meltdown. It is now more likely to be a overlap by the second round, the inflationdriven round.

The coming weeks are to be filled up by soccer and Q2 reports. The premier will probably result in Netherlands as Euro Championship winners and the posterior will most likely show a major earnings fall and big downturn once again in the stockmarket. This, I presume, will be one of the final phases of this redoubtable crisis, but that does not mean "Everything is fine now, let's consume". According to the G8; "Commodity Prices Replace Credit Squeeze as Major Risk". I mean, we have not seen the end of the oilrace, one of the only commodidities that rises under controlled upturns. I can surely see a oilprice in 2008 that exceeds 150 dollar, though, the highroller politicians are not likely to let that happen so easily and according to Bloomberg, Saudiarabia might announce an increase in oilproduction in June 22 putting the oilprice on high pressure.

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